Micro Keylogger

Micro Keylogger, one of the keyloggers and computer monitoring software, comes from the Awosoft. Micro Keylogger has been used widely as a result of its whole range of features that include monitoring and keylogging. Applied by parents, employers, Micro Keylogger is working brilliantly in many areas all over the world, such as personal computer monitoring, parental control as well as employee monitoring. Micro Keylogger allows you to secretly record keystrokes on your machine without any user’s knowing. In secrecy, you can monitor your computer and know exactly what is happening with your family, your employees and your partner.

Micro Keylogger logs all key presses and keystrokes typed on your PC. You can get access to fully illustrated usage history of your PC due to the periodic screen captures. Micro Keylogger can decode and record chat conversations in many popular instant messengers, trace back to Web sites and resources visited by your family members, and log all applications launched on the computer.

  • Keystroke recording – Micro keylogger logs all keys pressed by a user once installed onto the target computer. The keylogger software captures all data which has been entered from the keyboard side. The recorded keystrokes include chats, usernames, passwords, emails, and search queries. So you will not miss any of the typed keystrokes information of your children, or employees.
  • Website logging – Micro keylogger will show you the retrieved browser’s history of the computer users with intuitionistic log reports even if they delete them or visit the webs via Inprivate browsing. The websites visits information is always retained in Micro keylogger logs and available via the reports in both the keylogger and sent to your email. All relevant information of websites visits, containing URLs visited, page titles and the timestamp, is collected.
  • Screenshot capturing – Ensures that all data is backed up with visual evidence of exactly what users are doing, Micro keylogger takes full color screenshots of a desktop screen. You can also choose to capture the active windows as Micro keylogger is customizable easily. You may encounter that your kids or employees may take excessive web surfing, shopping and other personal tasks without being monitored. However, it’s becoming possible to gather strong evidence with screenshot capturing of the Micro Keylogger.
  • Application monitoring – Micro Micro Keylogger is able to record all programs executed on your PC, thus it’s possible to establish if your kid is playing games instead of doing his homework, an employee is wasting time during working hours.
  • Password Protected – Intent to change Micro Keylogger? Inevitably, the Master Password for Micro Keylogger is required! To make sure no one can uninstall, block or circumvent Micro Keylogger monitoring, users need password to verify the authentication.

Monitoring the Internet activities and computer usages, Micro keylogger will be your private computer monitoring tool to safeguard your children and take control of your employees.

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