Imonitor EAM Standard VS Professional Comparison

Imonitor Employee Activity Monitor has two editions: Imonitor EAM Standard and Professional. Here is the feature Comparison of the Standard and Professional.

Features Professional Standard
Online Monitoring
Visited Websites Y Y
Instant Messages/Chat Y Y
Sent/Received Email Y Y
Web-based Email Y Y
Email Attachments Y Y
Online Searches Y Y
Online Downloads Y Y
FTP File Transfer Y Y
PC Tracking & Management
Keylogger Y Y
Screenshots Recorder Y Y
Remote Desktop Viewer(Multi monitor support) Y Y
File Activity Recorder Y Y
Print Job Monitor Y Y
Clipboard Monitor Y Y
Usb Disk Monitor Y Y
Website Time Tracker Y Y
Application Time Tracker Y Y
Remote File Manager Y Y
Remote Task Manager Y Y
Keyword Detector Y Y
Real time Alerts Y Y
Hardware and software asset manager Y Y
Centralized Managing Module Y Y
Filtering & Blocking
Website Filtering & Blocking Y
Social Network Blocking Y
URL Black & White Lists Y
Keyword Blocking Y
Application Blocking Y
Portable Drive Blocking Y
Category Blocking Y
Gaming Blocking Y
Reporting Methods
More than 40 kinds of build-in reports Y  
Graphical Charts Y Y
Visual Statistics and Analysis Y  
Forward logs to pre-set email address Y  
Top 20 reports Y Y
Search Capabilities Y Y
Comprehensive HTML Reports Y Y
Other Features
Centralized management console Y Y
Remote management Y Y
Remote control(Control remote computer’s mouse and keyboard) Y Y
Send instant message to remote user Y Y
Send file to remote user Y Y
Get file from remote PC Y Y
Remote installation Y Y
Audit company software asset Y Y
Audit company hardware asset Y Y
Centralized database Y Y
Stealth mode Y Y
Password protection Y Y
Multi user account Y Y
Limited user account Y Y
Database backup Y Y
Offline/online computer monitoring Y Y
Licensing & Support
Min Licenses Purchase Required 5 3
Upgrades One Year One Year
Tech Support Y Y
Operating Systems
Window 7 (32 & 64 bit) Y Y
Window Vista (32 & 64 bit) Y Y
Window Server 2008 (32 & 64 bit) Y Y
Window Server 2003 Y Y
Window 2000 Y Y
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