iKeyMonitor Cannot Help If You Suspect Your Husband is Cheating

I suspect that husband is cheating through credit cards and his cell phone about 3 months ago. It is very upsetting. I have never snooped on him, checked his emails or phone calls before. He broke all my trust in him. Now I want to know where he is. But I know it is inappropriate to use spy app for iPhone 8 which can track exactly where he is and who he is talking and texting to? Any help?

We really feel sorry for you about what you are suffering. iKeyMonitor is not a appropriate spy app for catch a cheating spouse. You can only monitor your kids or employees after the software is setup on the phone, it will record an array of phone activities including text messages and call activities. It will then silently upload the data to the user’s private email and you can check the log report without needing access to the phone.

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